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01-29-2013, 01:28 PM
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Wow... you guys are drinking the kool-aid after seeing Niskanen in top 4 after 5 games? Again, I can't see how you can give anyone praise after last year's playoffs, so that has no merit with me.

Are you guys also in the same group that wanted the Stillers to give Dennis Dixon a chance to compete with Ben for the starting job?

Pittsburgh tends to overrate some of the non-stars and underrate the superstars when it comes to sports. Ben throws an incompletion, "BOOOO! Cut Ben! Start Batch!" Dixon loses a game in Baltimore after an INT in OT, "He tried his best! Leave him alone!" Fleury has a rough stretch, "Trade him!" Theissen lets in 12 goals in two games "He deserves a chance to be a back up!"

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