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Originally Posted by Pellegrino View Post
I don't know how good Mestiis is compared to Allsvenskan. But if Allsvenskan is much better than Mestiis, then I would assume the depth of SEL is much better than the depth of FEL, as the SEL clubs would have a much deeper prospect prospect pool to choose players from.
Mestis is a lot worse than Allsvenskan. I think there's only a few Mestis teams that could do ok in the Allsvenskan (enough resources, fan base, etc). Thats probably a big reason why SEL is a deeper league. THe player pool in the country is tougher, meaning that top teams have a) more to choose from and b) getting roster spots is tougher for the players, young players have a harder time breaking into rosters etc.

Also SEL has 12 teams as opposed to the 14 of the SM-liiga, which again makes our depth slightly worse.

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