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01-29-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
PK will need to keep a lower profile in the room from now on. He should act as if he was a rookie or like a player who just arrive from another team.

I got a feeling that the new coaching staff, the vets players and the new players like Prust and Bouillon will show him tbe way to follow.

Missing two crucial weeks holding out won't make him more popular with his teamates. He has to regain their confidence and respect.
Cole threatens of retirement because the league wants to not pay its fair amount.
Gorges whines about the league being greedy, and how players should be entitled to fair value.
Prust flat out insults Bettman for his position during the lockout.
The NHLPA went through a lockout vs the NHL because they want the league to be fair to them.

All good things they're proud of.

PK holds out because he feels what he is being offered isn't fair -----> Teammates pissed off and lose respect for him.


PK isn't a rookie nor a new comer. Saying he should act as such based on dumb hearsay or personal interpretation of a few sentences without looking at the context is just freaking dumb. Either that or you just love drama, and look for it where it isn't.

Players are sick of talking about PK. Can't blame them. I would too. The media makes the Mtl Canadiens all about PK. Yet, PK is the one that gets criticized for that.
Fans look at PK not showing up to camp as an insult. PK does it because he didn't want to be an even bigger distraction. Imagine if he was at camp without a contract?? All the media frenzy would have tripled.
Don't encourage the drama BS.

PK will be welcomed on the team.

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