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The flying Orca
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Well it always nice to hear that you are not the only basement nerd out there, isnt is and I guess people with no interest in learning are bored with most sciences, but so long the nerds are happy

Actually bush fires were probably prevented by the extremely moist climate in the carbon period. Insects breath through tubes going through their exoskeleton. Since the amount of atmospheric oxygene sets the limit on how big they can get, they were much bigger than today. Dragonfly's with 70cm wingspan flew back then!
About dinosaurs they were hollow-boned like their descendents the birds so even though they were big they were not massive. A Sauropod is basically one big fermenting chamber so a lot of its bulk would actually have been hot air You can find gastroliths (stomach stones) from sauropods that they use to grind the plant material with. Pterosaur could grow superhuge because they made a superlight ultrathin hollow-bone construction like plywood. The biggest flying animals ever with wingspan up to 16 meter for the biggest pterosaurs (that are not dinosaurs but related to them as are crocodiles).

If you are really into New Age you can always join an UFO cult and wait for the equations telepathically to arrive from the extraterrestrials
Nerds just have more fun though no one realizes it
Haha look at us turning this into

Wow, just look at how evolution works, it's just fascinating!

I was recently asked to correct a friends abstract in his thesis.. He is an astrobiologist, I had the privalidge of reading the whole thing.. Absolutely incredible how things evolve, and what is now beleived to be possible, compared to years ago!

I can't even begin to imagine insects that big, scary stuff! My fiance' would ***** a brick, pardon my french! She hates critters...

We actually get to play a little with it too, as different atmospheres require different apporaches and propulsion Especially, in, atmospheric flights.

Haha believe me, the whole department wears your typical conspiracy t-shirts

It's is really cliché, and im not one to say anything HAHAHA

I read an article recently, stating that the people who visualize the dinosaurs by their skeletons (can't remember what they are called) could be very wrong, this scientist, theorized that with their logic cows would look very different than, they actually do.

That's just so true !

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