Thread: Proposal: Adding some size to the lineup
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01-29-2013, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
From what I've seen of J-Bo, he's a slow-footed giveaway machine. He'd be crucified here.

Where are the stats guys to back this up? Oh, wait, Fuhr is the one pushing this idea.
Originally Posted by Icelevel View Post
jay sssssssslllllllllooooooowwwwwwwwwmeester

Originally Posted by BankStreetParade View Post
Bouwmeester is a salary dump at this point. There are no teams who will give up a good pick or prospect for him. That's just wishful thinking on the part of the fans. In the same way that Ottawa fans think Bishop is worth a first round pick in trade. I'd pass on Bouwmeester. He's going to be 30 at the start of next season, he's regressed dramatically in offensive production, he has an albatross contract and he doesn't really address our needs on the blue line. I'd rather keep his spot open for Ceci to potentially take it in the next 2 years.

Originally Posted by Wondercarrot View Post
Not sure where he stands but what would you want from Ottawa for Bouwmeester, assume Ottawa takes the whole salary. (making a further assumption that he would be available.) i dont really want to get into a he sucks! he's underrated debate or cause board havoc, just want to know given the above 1) would he be available 2) what would you expect from Ottawa?
I ventured over to the Ottawa board (wow was that a mistake)

I saw a couple of your posters calling Bouwmeester slow, lol.

By the way, the Lundin+Prince deal that someone posted wouldn't even be close.

Bouwmeester won't be a cap dump, the Flames don't need to get rid of him. Bouwmeester would easily be one of the fastest skaters on Ottawa.

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