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Originally Posted by BankStreetParade View Post
I think that's the underlying problem here: psychology. You got used to the fact that you used to get all these perks for being a STH and it's so hard to ever make changes without people like you saying "we used to get more". In the end, it's a business that's growing. Their market share is expanding. Interest in the team is increasing. To them, if you don't want to be a season ticket holder, they'll find someone who does. I think there's lots of perks to being a STH over just buying games individually. But there's this underlying belief for some reason that STHs should get so much more than non-STHs. Like I mentioned before, it's a delicate balance that companies in the subscription business have to straddle. The cost of acquiring a new customer is very high. In some cases, higher than the customer will be worth in revenue to the company. If you give all the best deals to those who are already subscribed, then what incentive is there for new customers to sign up? The fact that you're already a STH, they know that you're committed to this team. And they know that your money will always be coming in to the team's pockets one way or another. Sad, but true.
You contradict your own logic here. You cant claim "meh, we can just replace you" and then also claim that the cost is so high to get that new person.

Ottawa has also shown over the last 20 years that STHs arent lining up at the door here. We have never had a very good STH base (which probably hurts the STH that there are, as the Sens have to encourage walk up sales).

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