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01-29-2013, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Just checked out how he's doing compared to the rest of the league. Only Patrik Berglund scored goals at a better pace than Blomstrand this season. He has scored as many goals as Filip Forsberg in 9 less games (less points though) and 4 more goals than Pontus Aberg in 22 less games (better PPG rate too). Better point per game and goal per game pace than Sebastian Collberg who was recently loaned to the Allsvenskan.

All this production is coming despite his team being 2nd worst in the league. The good news is that he's also even on the year so he's not costing his team defensively.
If I were Gillis I'd definitely be looking at singing him to his ELC this summer and moving him over to the Wolves for next season. Could be a forward version of Peter Andersson for next year who comes out of the blue for most fans and is very solid.

I wonder if he'll put on more weight too. He went from being 6'1" 198lbs at the draft to 6'2" 218lbs now. He's Jensen's age so I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up around 6'2.5" 230lbs in his prime, I mayy have done some snooping on fb and found his profile and he's a beeeffy dude. I've been a big fan of his since we drafted him and man oh man, is the 2011 draft looking awesome or what?

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