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01-29-2013, 02:29 PM
It was 4-1.
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Originally Posted by EucaLEAFtys View Post
Pathetic? Hardly.. more realistic than anything else.

What's pathetic is the majority of a fan-base who delude themselves on a yearly basis that the Leafs are good enough to earn a play-off spot despite the fact that the team's overall talent level hasn't really improved in years!

Yes.. at this moment, the Leaf are only 5 games into this current season, but their play AS A TEAM hasn't improved one bit since last season (when they ended with a top-5 draft pick). Factor into the equation that the Leafs are also trying to learn a new system "on the fly" and it's virtually guaranteed that they will end up with another top-5 draft pick this summer.

It's pretty evident that what this team/organization needs is a complete rebuild, not some half-assed re-tool like what Burke tried to do and failed miserably at.

If you (and others like you) cannot grasp such a simple comcept, then I can't help you.
I don't need your help. I fully understand that this is a young team and their will be bumps in the road. We looked pretty good in the Buffalo and Pittsburgh games, this team just needs to become more consistent. Phaneuf has been a monster this year defensively, excluding a couple minutes in the Rangers game. So why trade him? Our defense would be a mess without Dion, and would be the softest d core in the league easily.

So what exactly do you want to do? Trade all of our older players, who arent even that old in the grand scheme of things for picks and prospects? Wait 5 more years for them to develop then trade them for more picks and prospects? Rinse and repeat?

The Marlies have implemented a winning culture which will pay dividends in the future. Look at the senators after Bingamton won, if I remember correctly the senators made the playoffs the year after. Instead of throwing everything out the drain, let this team try their hardest to make the post season, which I think they have the best chance of doing in the past 8 years. Wether you believe that or not it doesn't matter.

I know this "sky is falling" mentality is popular with you and some other less intelligent leaf fans, but atleast wait till the games hit double digits for you to put your tin foil hats on.

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