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Originally Posted by Bert Marshall days View Post
I've seen more injured people from drunk drivers on the Meadowbrook, Southern State and NVMC parking lot after a concert/NYI game than I could ever imagine mugged after an event at Barclay's.
Really? We all know you are excited they are coming to Brooklyn but this statement is absurd. I have been going to NYI games since 1972 and have yet to see one incident on the Meadowbrook or Southern State Parkway tied back to a NYI game.

Additionaly I used to work at the Marriott and had a working relationship with NVMC and I can tell you first hand the number of incidents occuring in the parking lot compare in numbers to incidents happening at arenas and event sites nationwide. In fact the bulk of parking lot incidents happen during concerts and not just any concerts. Usually it's a metal band or a youth concert like the Warped tour or something comparable. We used to have incidents occur on hotel property during these events as well. If incidents did occur during NYI games it was usally during NYR and/or Philadelphia games. These games bring in a lot of opossing fans and mix that with some beer and we all know what happens.

Would be interesting to find out via NYPD the amout of incidents at the Barclay's. I would imagine it is on that same comparable scale.

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