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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
I really wish we had details of the stuff he was involved in as ast GM, but its too tough, ppl blame him for the Gomez trade since he was head pro scout, and etc, but GM's and Ast GM doesn't always agree on things, and the GM has a final say. So if you blame him for the Gomez deal, do you credit him for Rivet and for Gorges deal, ppl thought Gorges was a throw in, do we credit him for the the Hamrlik, Gill signings...

If I look at his moves when he became GM, he was a "meh" GM, not good, but not as bad as the media made it seem.

The really problem with Gauthier is that he isn't a leader, he isn't a guy you want to be the leader of your franchise, because he doesn't like the media, he isn't social, and while the media makes him out to be unprofessional, I think his problem is that he is too professional, Hal Gill said it himself, he said that Gauthier was dealing with this the way business schools teach you how to, that doesn't suit well with hockey.

Best example, the way he told players about being traded, would agree to a deal with a team, while waiting for the deal to be complete with the league office, he would go tell the player he was traded, so he won't find out through the media, but says can't tell you where until its official. I mean when dealing with ppl that looks like a bs move, but its such a by the book business like move.
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