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01-29-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by IceCapsFanNL View Post
I just don't see GJ stringing people along if he wasn't sure he could deliver. I'd give it 2/3 chance of a sale and 1/3 chance at best of the deal not materializing. Either way hang tough brother.

If you end up being a free agent might I recommend's_IceCaps

Thanks man, appreciate it. The latest news sounds really promising but until the ink is dry I'm not getting my hopes up. Too much of that the past few years.

Ice Caps, eh? I might consider that. OKC is tied with the Oilers so I guess that would be an option, though I'm closer in distance to St. Louis and Colorado, so one of those two would be the replacement should the Coyotes wander off.

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