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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Yes they are worse Legend. And as you said IF true. But one matter affects the leagues competitive balance and the other is just either a noise complaint or verbal harrassment. Different situations, no? Cheating- affecting on ice events league wide the other doesnt, just a black eye on the organization and to a lesser extent the league.
One effects every team in the league and its integrity as far as competitive balance, which is neccessary for the league as a whole to survive, The other doesnt effect the other clubs in a similar way.
Did the Soo face sanctions/penalties for what happened there before the season started? Or was it handled in house as this will be (from a league stand point- not the law- which I totally agree, if kids were abusive, harrassing in nature they should be punished)
Im sure there are hundreds of examples of players embarrasing themselves, their team and the league-- Take the SPits for example- should they be punished cause a kid or two goes to the local bar, drinks and gets in a fight? I know ur familiar with this happening in SPits town cause Im aware of it. So to follow your logic should Windsor have faced penalties cause a kid got drunk and was in public and also got into an altercation? Awaiting answer
Just dont see the comparison (cant connect the dots) Youll choose to see it otherwise Im sure
If u want to talk of competetive balance then there should be profit sharing amongst the league teams the rich helping the poor,ie London and Peterborough,Petes cant afford the 7 gold edc packs the Knights can

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