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Originally Posted by Knights77 View Post
The wildcard in all of this, is who will be available during both drafts (especially import as you can end up with a high impact player) and the development of your existing players over the summer. Many thought London would take a step back after losing Tinordi, McKegg, Watson, Houser, Cook, Knight, Namestnikov....I mean, look at those names.
I think Ho-Sang will be that much better, Vail I really think will continue to develop...what about rookies and/or college players that could step in? I think after the dust settles from both drafts, the development of existing players and wildcard scenarios play out (college player reports etc) the Spits will be competitive. Take it a step further. Lets say at the start of the year, they ARE 4th place team. With further moves can have them compete for the title.....heck, can't be much worse of a situation than what is going on the the W right now with Saskatoon. Granted they are in a really tough division but barely above .500 and they are the host?! Yikes, talk about missing the target.
To clarify: you would prefer a totaly rebuild (unload all viable big ticket assets) and not bother bidding for the cup, and aim for a run of 14/15 correct? (just asking, I dont' necessarily disagree with it...its just if that was the case, you have to committ to a total rebuild and stick with it).
To start with your final question yes total rebuild. Not sure it's feasible to contend in 14/15 more like 15/16 but things can change.

1. Move big ticket items you are only lacking a 1st rounder in 13 and still have a 2nd/3rd/4th to bring in for the team in 13/14. You move a big ticket item in the summer eg. Vail or Sieloff so you don't get into the situation of having to use a card on a guy which seemed to hurt the Spits at the deadline.

2. You still have 2 import 1st round picks coming in next year 13/14 if you hit on them your team will be ok which probably ensures you won't bottom out.

3. Trade deadline next year you move a few more guys if you look at what Theoret fetched this year you could bring in a solid 97 1st round pick from a team which you are lacking this year.

4. Forget the americans for a moment they love to jump on board when things are real good in most circumstances and when they can be a final piece. I don't think Stolarz and Mermis would be touching London if they were some mediocre team struggling to make the playoffs. So with looking at Windsor they aren't in a position to contend right now. Build up the draft pick stash for 14, 15 and beyond.

As an organization you have to sell a vision currently it's bidding for a Memorial Cup but if they don't get it unless you're high as a kite nobody believes they can win it all next year unless you move every draft pick and young player in your system to get more veteran players but that would kill the franchise for a few years moving forward.

The interest in Spitfire hockey isn't very high right now. The past 3 home games I was offered 2 free tickets and turned them down. If you look at the game on Thursday against Plymouth the announced crowd was 5400 but there were a lot more empty seats and this was for the biggest rival of Windsor, the arena was dead. You go for it next year and fail and have a couple bad teams the arena will be empty most nights in the future.

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