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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
How was Cunneyworth put in a "no win" situation"? That's ******** if I ever heard it. PG gave him an NHL COACHING know there ones where there are only 30 in the whole world!!! Do you think if Cunneyworth had made the playoffs and gone to the 2nd round that he would no longer be there? If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

PG never apologised for naming him head coach Molson did after the separatists flipped out. Should have grown a set and told them to shut up, funniest part is the protesters were not even people taht attend hockey games.

Players HAVE been pulled from games before due to trades or potential trades. Not that far out of the ordinary.
He put Cunneyworth in a sh--y situation. Cunneyworth was NOT ready to be an NHL coach. He was being groomed to become one down the road with only a couple seasons of assistant coaching duties , but he was dumped into a trainwreck of a team where he had close to zero chance of accomplishing anything reasonable whether due to the language issue or the awful team on the ice or the hastily poor decisions of a desperate GM.

It made no difference to the team, but it could quite possibly ruin anything Cunneyworth had going for him in the future at possibly getting another legitimate NHL coaching job.

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