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01-29-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
I'd like to think that as well, but I will admit I don't like the way Nino's treating this situation and I really dislike the agent's approach. Bringing this public only pisses off Snow and puts him in a position of weakness (if he really wanted to deal Nino) - it's a lose lose. Dumb move.

His agent should know better, given Nino's age and how he played last year, the non-pre-season, the zero training camp.

This may well end up in a trade. It wouldn't surprise me. But I hope that Nino (and his agent) come to their senses. They had their chance to back-peddle a bit but they did NOT....which, in my opinion, is ANOTHER mistake. Again, hurting their chances of a) being called up b) traded and c) winning the PR battle.
Dumb Dumb Dumb.
I do think it has died down since this all came out. The only reason we are still talking about it is because Nino was asked about it at the All-Star game, apparently. He obviously gave the green light for his agent to use the "trade-me" tactic. At this point, I don't know what he could say to make it better:

"I never said that, it was all my agent. Misunderstanding." - What a baby! Kid can't take any responsibility.

"Yes, I said it. I want to be traded." - Wow. What a dick. If he doesn't want to be here just trade his ass!

"I try to control what I can on the ice. Everything else is up to my agent." - See! He's not denying it! Trade him!

Whatever he says at this point, he'll get killed by everyone here. He was asked about it, he tried to give a PC answer. I'm sure he wants it to die down, and once people stop asking him about it or once he gets called up, I would bet it does die down. It was a poor decision by a 20 year old, who was probably convinced about just how good of a decision it would be by a guy he trusts.

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