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RE: Ludwig Blomstrand

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I have seen all his games with Djurgarden this season (warming the bench for most of them) and just a couple with Almtuna.

With Djurgarden, in the games where he played more than 5 minutes, I thought he was noticable for good and bad reasons. The good was that it was immediately visible his size on the ice compared to the other Djurgarden youngins like Aberg, Sorensen, and Wennberg. Blomstrand looks big on the ice. He skates fairly well for a big man, decent acceleration. With Djurgarden he was used on the 4th line mainly, and was put in more of a energy player kind of role. I thought he did decent there, he was above average defensively, didn't make many mistakes and created offense/sustained pressure in the off zone during his sparse time on the ice, which is generally what you'd want for a 4th line player. One other positive thing is his willingness to drive the net with the puck. Also, i'd categorize him as a shoot first kind of a player. Don't remember any pass that stands out in my mind. The bad was he took some bad penalties, and put his team shorthanded 3 times in one game. Needs to make better decisions sometimes.

With Almtuna, he is put in a different role, put on the 1st line and 1st PP. He was used in front of the net on the PP. Didn't love him there, but if I guess he is the biggest guy to screen the goalie and he doesn't shy away from the battle. In one of the games, he came out with 2 hits in the 1st 5 minutes, but did not really throw any more hits after that. I found he was less aggressive than he was with Djurgarden, needs to be move his feet more in the defensive zone. That said, he didn't look out of place on the top line either. His size/speed helps him get open and transitions well on the rush and his willingness to shoot gives them two goal scoring threats on that line.

I think we agreed, I don't see a puck hound like Hansen, does not play a consistent physical game. That's why I'd like for him to come over next season to the AHL. I think his game might be better suited on smaller ice, he would be able to get around quickly, would be able to play a more aggressive game that the AHL forces you to learn. He is physically ready for the AHL, much more so than the typical swedes.

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