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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Similarly, contrary to popular belief, there is no amount of fighting that will stop the opposing teams from hitting the Rangers.

Are the Flyers that tough? Here's their lineup from last game:
Yeah, this. If you want to hurt the other team, you need guy who can hit hard but cleanly. There really are only very few occasions where you need someone who can fight (maybe after a very dirty hit), and a guy like Rupp or any other enforcer won't stop a dirty player from doing their thing anyway.

The one thing that those staged fights maybe could do is changing the momentum a little bit. But for that you'd need a decisive victory, and that's a pretty rare thing as well. And of course there's always the possibility that the momenutum shifts the wrong way.

Bottom line: I don't want a defensive liability in our lineup just for another pointless, staged fight in the game.

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