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01-29-2013, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
Working with the assumption that the League will see 5% growth year-on-year, the cap in 2014/15 is projected to still be $64.3m. If the CBA didn't stipulate that is the lowest the cap could be, then the projections actually show it should be $62.7m in 2014/15. So it is going to have to grow by a good bit more than 5% to be any higher than $65m.

The cap wont get close to $70m until 2016/17 ($69.5m) with the assumption of 5% growth.
you're right, I was confused. According to James Mirtle, here is his projection based on flat 5% growth:

70.2 this year, 64.3 next year, 64.3 in 2014, 66.1 in 2015, 69.5 in 2016, etc...

Still not overly concerned. Not only does Shero understand the cap situation and will be prepared for it, but I wonder if there will be a slight dip or flattening of contracts given the slight dip/flattening of the cap.

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