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01-29-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by SLAPSHOT723 View Post
But as of right now, Keith Aucoin is our secondary scoring. He has noticeable chemistry with Ullstrom, it would be pointless to pull them away from that until the chemistry is gone. So what I'm saying is if we're talking about right now, Ullstrom and Aucoin shouldn't be separated. If we're talking long term, or a point later in the season (like 10+ games away), then Ullstrom on the 1st line could be an experiment.

It'll be interesting to see what happens when Bailey and Joensuu return. I'd like to see Jesse on the 3rd line, but finding a spot for Bailey will be difficult.
I'd argue if there is any chance Ullstrom can ignite the John Tavares powder keg you take that chance and never look back. Our secondary scoring is just that, secondary. It will never be even a short term answer for the Wins column. Getting Tavares on one of his historic tears where you see the line average 6 to 8 points a game? Yes indeed, I take a chance on losing some minor chemistry he has with Aucoin in a heart beat for that to happen.

Also, you need to find something to light a fire under Kyle's butt, a motivator to help him find his A game again. I know I would take it personally if some rookie upstart took my place from me on the first line. It might motivate me to play with some necessary jam the next few games to show them how wrong it was.

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