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Originally Posted by Wildfish View Post
Look at the specific statement that I was replying to. Or are you going to quibble about "when he was at his peak" to mean something else. As in, the Stanley Cup winning year wasn't his peak, the year he scored the most goals wasn't his "peak", the year he tied for most points wasn't his "peak"...

Cullen is not a good goal scorer, never has been, even back in the day when he filled in for Steve Rucchin and played for a short time on a line with Selanne and Kariya. Like last year, when his linemates were 4th Liners and NHL guys, he's not good enough to carry an NHL #2 Line. He's an excellent NHL 3rd Line Center and special team guy and a support guy on a scoring line.

IMO people who claim he isn't out there busting his butt are blinded by their hate. Not good at getting the puck in the net (unless you're taking about the shoot out or short handed, where he excells)? No argument there. Guillty as charged, if he was a good goal scorer he'd have several goals this year, he's had several great chances and couldn't convert. Not a good fininsher. True. But that he's dogging it, not a hard worker? Blinded by hate...

I also think its hilarious how certain players, because they're "popular" players avoid criticism on this board. Specifically, Seto and Granlund. There's one poster on here who can't mention or discuss Cullen without ranting about him always falling down. Granlund has spent half this season on his butt or knees, is that an every post mention?

This season - who's had more chances, who's been in the action more, who's handled the puck more - Seto or Cullen? Listen to the radio guys and you'll hear Cullen's name way more than Seto's because Cullen is much more in the action. The 2nd Line sucks because of Cullen. What about Seto? Any credit there? Or the hyped rookie Center? How come the Calder kid and stud scorer Seto aren't lighting it up? Because of Cullen? But Seto is a stud and Cullen's a dud.

Is Cullen some superstar stud? A 30 goal scorer? No. Is he the worst player to ever lace on skates? Reading this board, you'd think so.
Nice post!

I'm also in the camp that thinks the criticism of Cullen is overdone; bordering on scapegoating.

As for Granlund there is a huge gap between his hype and his performance to date, yet the criticism he receives is somewhere between tepid and nonexistent. Classic case of cognitive dissonance. I think some fans are in disbelief of Granlund's lack of production and inability to handle the physical play and are naturally looking for a reason (or excuse?) to explain it away. Ergo, it's not Granlund its his linemate Cullen who is now worse than Colton Gilles, or some variation of that.

Have to add the standard caveat of 'it's only five games.'

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