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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It was made a day after Cammy's minor rant. A rant for which he apologized the very next day and it was made in the middle of a "must win game" for a player who was still under suspension...

When asked why he didn't do it earlier PG said "well, the player was suspended..."


Yeah, doesn't make any sense to me either. And none other than Bobby Mac said as much the next night when he said that the trade "strains credulity" if you think Cammy's words had nothing to do with this. PG was also worried about his job so he takes a longshot bet on Bouque. Same as he did with Kaberle...

I would've been okay with picking up Bourque actually if he came along with a 1st. I agree, there'd have to be salary coming back. But if you're going to do this at least get a first out of it or tell the Flames to go jump in the lake.
The fact that negotiations had been ongoing for a while likely means PG was asking for a 1st along with Bourque and the Flames didn't want to do it. After Cammy's comments PG probably figured Cammy's value was only going to go down so he made the trade. I don't consider that to be panicking nor do I think he was trying to save his job/season.

Personally I think we should've held on to Cammy longer and hoped for either a rebound in play or teams getting desperate at the deadline so that we could get that 1st but you make it seem like it was a dreadful deal which it wasn't. We got decent value, we weren't fleeced by any means.

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