Thread: Value of: NYR + LA 2013 Firsts
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01-29-2013, 04:49 PM
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Assume columbus is in the top 5....

Rangers...;ole;y a playoff team so the pick would be in the 20s.

Kings could also be in the 20s but if they miss the playoffs they could be around 12-14. The Kings are in a Cup slump which is common. With a shortened season will they be able to rebound soon enough to make the playoffs---that is a fair question.

For the sake of argument lets say LA is aroun 18 and Rangers are around 26.

This is a deep draft so do you even want to move up?

You likely could find a team who had an off year this season who would trade their 8-12 pick for both LA and Rangers pick.

With the lottery system now they have a chance to go #1 and #2.

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