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12-15-2003, 10:17 AM
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Bootland was drafted by the Colorado avalanche in the 8th round of 2000. If he works on his skating and consistency a bit more he could turn into a good 3rd liner. I doubt Holland sends him anywhere anytime soon unless as a throw-in for a bigger deal maybe.

However, Detroit needs none of the players that were mentioned in the above.
Audette is expensive and inconsistent. Last I checked Detroit was the top offensive team in the league with 112 goals. Only two other teams have 90 and no others have 100 yet.
Rivet would do nothing but play as our #6 guy right now, then be pushed right out of the lineup when everybody is healthy. Much too expensive for a #7 or 8 guy on the wings.
Brisebois is just a much more expensive Jason Wooley and as far as I'm concerned, Wooley is having a much better season offensively and defensively.
Perreault is great on faceoffs, and can chip in offensively stated before, Detroit has the #1 offense and we're the #4 team on faceoffs. It's not like we're hurting there either. Also, we don't need anymore defensive liabilities.

Sending these players to Detroit would be nothing more than a salary dump for Montreal. Detroit's payroll is high enough as is and we're playing just fine with our roster full of "ahlers" such as Hudler (58th overall 2002) Niklas Kronwall (29th overall 2000) Mark Mowers (who will probably find himself a permenant job on Detroit) and Kelly Miller.

Sorry, but we don't want your overpaid garbage.

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