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01-29-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
My download went shockingly fast, like, done in 20 minutes or less fast. It was insane, go internet!

Really like the peackeeper. But get this ****, I figured today would be a great day to work on backfire medals AND not lose any progress with the peacekeeper due to the fact that everyone is using it, genius, right? Wrong. Every time I killed an enemy today, and I mean EVERY time, I would pick up their gun if it was a peacekeeper. I would kill one or two, or none, after that, and back to square 1 where I would kill and pick up.

Guess how many backfire medals I got today?

Spoiler alert: 0

I want that humiliation card so bad!

So, after 1 about 1.5 hour session with the peacekeeper I'm at 173 kills, with 33 headshots and a 1.66 K/D ratio. Not bad.

What the hell was the deal with those backfires though?
I would guess that the backfire is caused by the fact that people don't have the download so they don't get awards related to that gun right now? So even though you have the DL, you don't get the awards as there are none associated with that weapon.

Just a guess on my part

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