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01-29-2013, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post
I dont think any teams have been exactly kicking down the door for those two.

I know Detroit had inquires about Franson, but the "luxury" of the Leafs having the ability to rotate defenders through the schedule has sort of been a focal point for Carlyle.

Gardiner isn't 100%, Komisarek has experienced issues and we'll see more injuries occur through this tough schedule.

With that said, other teams will want to acquire depth for that very reason and once we start seeing the real contenders, the Leafs will start to see more serious offers.

I'd say around the 15 game mark, teams will determine their potential direction and decide what ring to throw their hats in.
Would Nonis be able to pick a direction to send the team in, or will he just stand pat if we're a .500 team at the deadline?

I'd like to see some consistency in that regard, because as of now, no one knows where this team is headed, and we didn't know after last years deadline. Are we seeing what we have and trying to find the pieces that fit? Because one thing Burke did, that I never liked, was the recycling of players. Bring someone in, they don't fit with the "core" then they're out.

Essentially, what I'm asking, is Nonis willing to restart if it comes down to it, or is there too much pressure to try and compete?

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