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12-15-2003, 09:21 AM
True Blue
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It's hard not to see how befuddled the players must fee. Look at the comments that creep out of there. Lundmark was confused by his "role". Holik has been preaching ever since he got here that he wants a well-defined role. Carter's comments about how some players are "safe" from being called out.
Everyone and their grandmother knows that Lindros and Holik should be the on-ice leaders. Every player knows that if the playoffs are at all attainable, that it is Holik and Lindros that have to lead them there and not a 43 year old Messier. What Jackass is doing is simply unfathomable.
Most teams are a reflection of thier coach. Has anyone looked more confused in the since Thanksgiving than Sather? And the team certainly reflects it. Sather has made one blunder after the other. Again, what is the difference between Sather and Trotts?
BTW, notice that our resident Sather apologists, Glenjar, has been conspicously quiet. What's the matter? Where are the "Sather is great" comments now?

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