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01-29-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
For what it's worth, I don't think Ellerby has regressed at all this year. I've never really liked him, but I actually think he's gotten better. He's taken some dumb penalties, but I feel like he's made less mistakes and I like the occasionally physicality he plays with.

The team has played 5 games, and I honestly think he's been our best d-man in, at least, a couple of those games. Of course, that's just mainly because the rest of our D-core has sucked so much that somebody has to be the best of the worst.

Realistically speaking, Ellerby has minimal trade value. He's also, (imo anyway), better than Jovo, Kuba, and Weaver at this point. I'm getting kinda tired of Weaver. Liked him early on, but he really adds nothing now. His best year was with Garrison and I think it was more about Garrison than him. Weaver is useful for one thing (PK), and it's an area we suck in as a team. Kuba looks like the definition of meh at this point in his career. Also, before we crown Gudbranson, let's remember that he has a lot to prove, himself. I'm not sure it can be said that Gudbranson outplayed Ellerby last year.
To be honest I am not sure I agree with you on how our defenders are doing, other than Ellerby. Would like to see Ellerby stick in this team when everyone is back, if I could choose it would be at the expense of Jovo. I think that Kuba is doing ok, what you would expect really, being his age I thought he would take a few games to get going especially on a new team and all. Weaver has been doing the same as always, think that is fine as long as he plays alongside someone who can move the puck and provide another aspect to the pairing. However, Kulikov has been very poor, which is slightly surprising as he was our only dman playing regularly during the lockout.

Wasn't there talk of Guds spending some time in the AHL when he is back from his injury, I can't remember who said it but that was mentioned regardless of whether the lockout was still going on when he returned. Although if this team continues to tank as much as it is then it probably doesn't matter if Guds takes time to get up to speed when he returns as the team won't even notice.

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