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Originally Posted by Plan The Parade View Post
But he couldn't see the play. He didn't know whether it was intentional or not (and as most unbiased people who have seen the video noted, it wasn't).

All Bergeron knew was that he had his feet taken under him and that it was Skinner. He wrongly concluded that Skinner slewfooted him and went nuts. No big deal.
Whether or not it was a slewfoot doesn't change the fact that it was a dangerous play. From many of the comments in this thread I am convinced about 85% of this board doesn't know what a slewfoot is(which is why I won't waste my time pointing out why it was).

Look at it from Bergerons point of view, Skinners knee makes contact with the back of his leg(you can see this at 1:33 of the video in the OP). It's impossible to tell the force exerted here as the net/goalie is in the way. Skinner then places his left arm on Bergerons right arm/abdomen and you can see his foot dragging along the ice as his knee/thigh are still in contact with Bergerons right leg. So if your Patrice, your likely to conclude you've been slewfooted, and at that stage of the game, you have no problem sending a message to midget Bieber over there.

I don't buy that Skinner just fell down, and there was absolutely no intent. I also know you can't prove intent, and no one on this board(other than Bruins fans) are going to side with the Bruins on a dirty play against them.

I'm not calling for a suspension, just pointing out that Skinner isn't a victim here. One of these days he will do it to the wrong guy and the stripes won't be around to protect him.

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