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01-29-2013, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducksgo View Post
Yah I was merely gauging his value. And to a team with Philly. Another poster suggested the Schenn trade in this thread a page back or so, and I thought I would suggest it in a more public forum. What are you ******** over it or something? It's a fricken proposal thread sheesh.
Not at all. I just love the fact how ridiculous you sound when you go from one extreme to the other... I'm pretty sure we all can gauge Ryan's value. As a matter of fact it that speculative article Exit posted it clearly states the asking price on Ryan was Couturier and B. Schenn.

I don't see how it's that hard basing the value when it clearly states such. Lol

Please post away. It's just hard to have a conversation with people that claim one thing then minutes later claim another. It comes off as immature or unknowledgeable but hey no harm no foul! Who's to say your opinions and views aren't correct. Just seems awfully strange. That is all!

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