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Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
Condra - 7th round
Greening - 7th round
Browiecki - 5th round
Regin - 3rd round
Z. Smith - 3rd round
So you're going to cite a collection of 2nd/3rd line tweeners drafted by a team that has not made the playoffs on a consistent basis for the last couple of years as to why we should throw our prospects to the wolves. Ok.

Wellwood - 6th round
Rinaldo - 6th round
Read - undrafted
Wellwood is a scrub who hasn't played 40 games in the NHL. Rinaldo is a 4th line scrapper. And let's be honest, how often does an undrafted talent of Read's calibre show up? Maybe one every couple of years. Philadelphia also put themselves in the situation where they needed any depth possible after dumping Carter and Richards.

and even guys like Giroux,
who have been playing for, what, 3 full seasons + now? was drafted 22nd overall.
If you're going to compare any of our prospects to the Caliber of Giroux... Well don't. I love our prospect pool, but I highly doubt (Though it could happen... Perhaps, but unlikely) we have an 100 pt talent in our farm system.
Kindl was drafted 19th overall the year before (2005).
Poor Jakub Kindl. If him sucking fits someone's point, they'll use it. If him being a firstrounder fits someone's point, they'll use it.
edit: I should add, if you think a guy like Colin Greening "ran" with his chance all the way to winging Spezza last season, you're lost.
From my understanding, Milan Michalek and Daniel Alfredsson were Spezza's linemates. Neither here nor there. The only reason Ottawa is littered with young 2nd/3rd line tweeners is because they were terrible in 10-11. I'm guessing being terrible in 08-09 also played a role in that as well. If you want to hold a team that hasn't made the playoffs on a regular basis as a standard of excellence... Well then I question your definition of what excellence is.

Murray didn't pollute his line up with plugs and let his young guys play. They made the playoffs last year
As the 8th seed.

and currently have a better record than Detroit
...have you ever heard of small sample sizes? The season just started. You'll use anything to make a point, good grief.

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