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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Sorry I'll reserve judgement on his offensive prowess in the show, when his right winger is somebody a little bit above Dale Weise's level.

I understand tempered expectations, its fine to temper them....I still think Jordan is getting the feel for playing in the NHL. He's 4 games into his career, and I bet you he is very fearful of making a mistake and getting planted on the bench (as that is generally what happens to rookies here who aren't efficient with the puck).

I'd take it as very good sign he is already getting 14-15 minutes a night. I think he has more creativity than we've seen, and I also feel he'll start shooting once he feels a bit more comfortable with his spot in the lineup.

That's just me, though.

I also wonder how you're quantifying his vision at 'only a little above average'....I'll firmly disagree. His vision is good.

A prospect like Kadri has good vision, but he isn't efficient with the puck....I'll take JS every time.

Kid can also shoot it a ton, just doesn't do it....needs to start becoming a high volume shot taker, and only give Raymond the puck in shooting positions, because like Kesler learned....he won't get it back.
He played the same way in the AHL though. I disagree about his vision. Like I said, his hands are very soft and he makes some nifty cross ice passes off the rush. But in all the games I've watched of him (not many, maybe a dozen) I've never seen him make a pass that truly impressed me as far as reading the play goes.

I have seen barely anything of Kadri, so I can't argue that point at all.

I just think Canucks fans are almost too easily impressed with young players at this point because we want to have our own young stars to fawn over like most every other NHL team has. I don't mean you particularly, it's just a general comment on the rest of the fan base. Schroeder looks solid, he plays an intelligent pro game and deserves the trust of the coach with his play so far.

I just don't see anything to get all excited about. Not like Kassian, for example.

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