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01-29-2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Henkka View Post
He just controls their contract value after the ELC burning those ELC years in the minors.

That's just plain and simple and obvious plan.

Keep them down as long as possible, where they can still play and develop and at the same time it keeps their caphits down in the future. Because when they hit in the league, those comparable players aren't the most expensive ones.

If you put our youth already in good position to score nice points, you are battling against arbitrator and high caphits pretty fast.
That sounds good in theory, but is really only useful on the ice if the guys playing ahead of your top prospects are really good players and not just run of the mill plug guys.

KH is also missing out on getting to see what he has in his better prospects by burning the ELC's in the minors. He is choosing to hand out 2nd contracts to guys who have very limited NHL experience in general, so he has to project what he thinks they'll turn out to be as players. Play the deserving guys while on their ELC's and he can get a better handle on how they may turn out as pros.

KH held Smith back last year and I think it's hurt the Wings this year- he could be a year better if he played last year and learned from Lidstrom. Maybe if Nyquist had a legit shot last year to show what he could do, KH doesn't sign Sammy and Gus plays somewhere in the top 9. Sure, they could potentially do very well, put up some #'s and get a higher 2nd contract, but Kenny has paid guys in the past more than they deserved (E's 2nd contract comes to mind).

Del Zotto had a few productive season with the Rangers and his 2nd deal was reasonable for a top 4 guy, so I don't really buy that the cost savings are great, and they certainly don't outweigh the benefits of seeing guys perform against NHL talent and knowing earlier what kind of players they can be.

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