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01-29-2013, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Sure they have some input but they don't go, "Let's draft player X and player Y", this isn't football. In a normal season NHL GMs simply don't have the time to be extensively watching junior level hockey in dozens of leagues around the world. I guess the first half of this year would be an exception, maybe you'll see some abnormal drafting this summer I don't know. The GM has to be understandably focused on A) his team, B) the rest of the NHL, C) his AHL team.

And Campbell over Fowler was a bad move. Fowler will have at least 3 seasons of NHL contribution provided to the Ducks before Campbell could even conceivably compete for an NHL spot. In all likelihood he'll have a 4-5 season head start and this is assuming Campbell makes the NHL at all. For Campbell to match this over the course of both of their careers he will have to be a significantly better goalie than Fowler is a defenseman. If Fowler doesn't progress any further and turns out to be a 2nd pairing type then Campbell will have to be a full-time starter. If Fowler gets better and becomes a first pairing D, Campbell will need to be an elite starter. If Fowler becomes an All-Star level player, Campbell will need to be one of the best goalies of all time.

I mean, watch Fowler and he's already a better player than Goligoski...
I'm with you up until about here. If Fowler becomes an All Star caliber defenseman Campbell should be an All Star caliber goalie. Given the disparity in spots available for the two positions that's a fair statement I think. I don't think he should have to be an all time great to close the gap between Fowler making a few All Star games to make up for the head start in his NHL career.

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