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01-29-2013, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
5 games removed from being a playoff hero in a dominant Cup run = washed up.

Toronto fans here, if Grabs is so good and Richards is so bad, why propose trading one for the other??
Have you ever considered the possibility that the biggest hockey fanbase in the World is not a hivemind that agrees on everything?

Furthermore, I don't think many are suggesting Grabo is so good and Richards is so bad, just that the difference between them isn't astronomical. Nobody has really responded to my post where I pointed out that their production has been nearly identical over the past two years, you guys are less interested in actually engaging in a discussion and more interested in ragging on a massive group of people over the ill-informed opinions of a few. If you want to talk Grabo vs Richards, let's talk Grabo vs Richards. But if you're more interested in bashing other fanbases to boost your own self-esteem, perhaps you should take a break from the board.

By the way this isn't just directed at you, I don't mean to make it look like I'm singling you out, this is directed at all the jokers who think they're hilarious detracting from any actual discussion over the past page or two. Personally I come here to talk hockey, not to boost my self-esteem.

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