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01-29-2013, 06:33 PM
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In about one and half months is the scheduled release of God of War: Ascension, and I've been thinking of buying the vol. II collection for a while now before the new one is released, as it's the only missing from me if you don't count the new one. How ever, since I haven't got time to play a lot during the last 6 months, I still have the Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy uncompleted (1st is at the last mission, 2nd is about 3/4 through and haven't even started the 3rd) that I bought a few days prior stepping to service.

I could just buy a new game, but as long as I've had a gaming console, I've never bought a new game until I've at least beaten the main storyline (usually thou the whole game) on the previous one.

And now I'm not even sure what to get, since I tried demos of Uncharted 1&2 last week and while a very limited taste of the game, I really liked that series.

Soupy with #firstworldproblems right here.

I know one of the Booooth's (the one that has my PSN) has played Uncharted, would you recommend getting the whole series?

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