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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Originally i heard the same. But i have heard a couple of times lately that TO declined.
You also heard that Luongo to Toronto was a done deal upon signing of the CBA... so... believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear!

The asking price should be the same (high)... No reason for it to go down... Gardiner + 1st + roster player, IMO... Don't care if Toronto wants to pay that or not... Don't care if Toronto can pay that or not... Don't care if Toronto gets Luongo or not... No money, no meatballs...

As an aside, Dregger last night on TSN was pretty funny... Analyzing Gillis word-for-word ("as long as he would like", I think the quote was, he picked out), and suggesting that it might be difficult to keep Luongo happy, despite what he says... Despite what Luongo himself says (ignoring this)! Completely neglecting (failing to mention) the chance for playoff success, playing with friends in a city he likes, etc... Toronto media is selling you what you want to hear... That it's possible to get Luongo cheap... Once, it was even sold! Done deal! How many Toronto fan suckers were born that day?

To me, it seems that some Toronto fans feel entitled to get Luongo cheap... Get frustrated at Gillis (and Vancouver fans) for **** blocking this entitlement... Canuck fans should be asking through the roof proposals here from Toronto, IMHO... Because that is what it would actually take for Toronto to get Luongo... at this point of time... Looking forward to potentially reading fabricated Toronto media stories about how Gillis talked real badly about Luongo, to try and start pressuring Luongo to want out! Wouldn't surprise me given all the other B.S. coming out of Toronto... You Toronto fans would eat that up... clicks, advertising dollars, great for the Leafs (added benefit), recycle...

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