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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It only takes 60 seconds to look up.

Pacioretty scored 33 goals in 79 games last year playing easy minutes against a (weak) Corsi Rel Qoc = +0.068, yes.

He also scored 14 goals in 37 games the year before that (identical production within the margin of error), playing with Gomez and Gionta against substantially more difficult opposition, Corsi Rel Qoc = +0.482. That proves Pacioretty doesn't need easy minutes to produce at a high level.

You know what Desharnais' Corsi Rel QoC was in 2010-2011? -0.526. It was +0.007 in 2011-2012, also very weak. Compare that to legitimate 1st line centers around the NHL like Joe Thornton (+1.497) and Ryan Getzlaf (+0.843).
Fantastic. Again bringing up DD is not a 1st line center. What am I supposed to reply to this? Did I ever say he was? When did I compare him to Thornton or Getzlaf, why you showing me useless numbers?

Anyway, explain this for me. You show Max didn't get the type of competition a true 1st liner would get. You showed the numbers yourself, now again, why is a max a franchise player for the habs fanbase?

Also, when you play on road you don't get easy matchups correct? If you're a 1st line it is very hard to protect you. Now explain why Max's road production wasn't comparable to his Home production? However, DD made more points than max on the road. hmmmm. you know, those line match ups, that QCOM you talk about, this is it.

Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Cole and Patch DID get easy minutes last year. The difference is they have the physical tools that most feel will translate to other situations. In Cole's case, he's done it before on other teams. In Max's case, he is a physical monster, though it is true he has yet to truly show he can dominate against elite opposition..
Hey, that's all I want. Fairness. No doubt those two possess a better physical package to translate into tougher minutes but what you said is all I asked for, a fair assessment. Only thing I'd say is Cole got a career high with those minutes so maybe in the usual tough minutes he's a high 20 goal guy rather than mid 30. I think that's a fair assumption no?

Eller's been a healthy scratch for half the games this season and would have continued to be had it not been for Patch's injury. How is that getting a pass?.
By the fanbase actually. 3 Coaches didn't think he had top 6 talent but people cling onto it. Sorry, perezhogin has a better chance of cracking our top 6. Maybe bulis.

Honestly, you can't really use the same criteria to judge Eller as you'd use to judge DD. Eller is, ideally, a 3rd line checking centre. I don't feel he will be any more than that. DD is currently the #1 centre, and his role is to produce points and be a threat at all times.

When Koivu was here, he was the primary point producing centre AND was always matched up against the other team's #1 line. And yet, he was considered by many as "not good enough" to be a #1 centre. DD isn't able to play against the other team's top lines because he's simply too small, it won't work.

It's actually kind of funny because for DD to succeed, a guy like Eller needs to be playing well and eating up the toughest minutes. Yet for some reason, they are pit against each other in this thread...It's typical Montreal HFBoards, you can never like everyone on this team, it's always so polarized. If you like one player, you automatically hate everyone else who plays that same position.
That's pretty much it. Most people know what they are. Eller isn't a top 6 center and DD isn't a #1.

Still, these guys are both assets to the team. People pit them against each other and I don't know why. Perhaps it looked like I was bashing Eller, nope. I'm just complaining about the bias. I'd gladly admit neither are a long term fixture on top 6. I just don't comprehend how I've seen countless posts on the habs forum saying "no space for DD with Eller needing to play top 6". *****? How about a guy in this thread saying DD is a 2nd line center in the AHL. Maybe he'd have an argument if DD didn't already play in AHL and kill it. It's ridiculous. Both are young players with many holes to their game and plotting them against each other isn't how they will succeed, they don't even play the same role!

BTW, DD was credited with an assist he should've had on Markov's GWG. 0.5ppg. Erik Cole is at 0.25PPG, Eller at 0PPG. DD has 2 points, other centers have 3. If we want any chance of being a contender we need all 3 to pick up their game but even me saying Eller 0PPG is done on purpose, it's ridiculous, he's barely played enough games to judge. Patience and support.

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