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01-29-2013, 07:33 PM
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Last year the number of games going past regulation did increase in the 2nd half, but not by near as much as the Canucks did in that same span. In the first half the Canucks went to OT 15% of the time while the rest of the league went to OT about 21.5% of the time. In the 2nd half the Canucks' OT rate nearly tripled to 42% while the rest of the league saw a fairly minor jump to about 26%. So it wasn't just the league tightening up that caused the Canucks' propensity to not get it done in regulation.

Also notable was the Canucks' completely unsustainable and likely unrepeatable .786 record in 1 goal games in the 2nd half of last season (compare that to their .538 record in games decided by more than 1 goal in that same period). If the 2nd half of last season was played again and the Canucks put up similar performances they could easily have 10 points lopped off their total when all was said and done.

Contrast that with a team like LA who was being dragged down by a pretty terrible record in 1 goal games. If their record in those was similar to their record in multi-goal games they would've finished with probably 10 more points.

Not that this is anything new. I think a lot of people realized that their success in the 2nd half last year was largely a mirage. Their scoring and their PP went in the toilet and it was mostly the combined .931 sv% that Luongo and Schneider put up from New Year's onwards as well as a fair bit of luck that gave them that success.

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