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Jarome Iginla !!!

Originally Posted by Jarome Iginla
I like to compete. I love the competition. I don’t know if that’s a leadership quality or not. I really just enjoy the battles and the passion. I just love playing hockey and love competing. Hopefully it helps my team.

Awards and Achievements:
2 x Olympic Gold Medalist (2002, 2010)
World Cup Gold Medalist (2004)
World Championship Gold Medalist (1997)

Lester B. Pearson Award Winner (2002)

3 x First Team All-Star (2002, 2008, 2009)
Second Team All-Star (2004)

Hart voting – 1st(2002), 2nd(2004), 3rd(2008), 10th(2009), 12th(2011), 15th(2007)

All-Star voting – 1st(2002), 1st(2008), 1st(2009), 2nd(2004), 3rd(2011), 5th(2007), 5th(2010)

Offensive Accomplishments:
Points – 1st(2002), 3rd(2008), 6th(2011), 8th(2009), 11th(2007), 16th(2004)
Goals – 1st(2002), 1st(2004), 3rd(2008), 3rd(2011), 11th(2007), 14th(2009), 16th(2010), 17th(2003), 18th(2006), 19th(2000), 19th(2012)
Assists – 10th(2009), 17th(2007), 18th(2002)

Play-off Points – 3rd(2004)
Play-off Goals – 1st(2004)
Play-off Assists – 8th(2004)

Olympic Points - 7th(2010)
Olympic Goals - 1st(2010), 5th(2002)

5-Year Peak: 2000-2004
7th in Points, 88% of 2nd place Jaromir Jagr
T-1st in Goals, 100% of Ilya Kovlchuk

10-Year Peak: 2001-2011
2nd in Points, 91% of 1st place Joe Thornton
1st in Goals, 107% of 2nd place Ilya Kovalchuk

Scoring Percentages:
Points – 107(2002), 92(2008), 87(2011), 84(2004), 82(2007), 81(2009), 74(2001), 69(2010), 67(2000), 64(2003), 63(2006), 63(2010), 51(1997), 48(1999),

Best 6 Seasons: 533
Next 6 Seasons: 400

Team Scoring:
Points – 1st(2001), 1st(2002), 1st(2003), 1st(2004), 1st(2006), 1st(2007), 1st(2008), 1st(2009), 1st(2010), 1st(2011), 1st(2012), 2nd(2000)
Goals – 1st(2001), 1st(2002), 1st(2003), 1st(2004), 1st(2006), 1st(2007), 1st(2008), 1st(2010), 1st(2011), 2nd(1999), 2nd(2000), 2nd(2009)

Point Leading Percentages - 155, 148, 128, 125, 119, 116, 114, 114, 110, 109, 109
Goal leading Percentages - 228, 193, 159, 157, 152, 140, 123, 119, 115, 115

Originally Posted by Who's Who in Hockey
His game, in which he did everything well, trumped expectation, and vaulted the Edmonton native of African descent into superstardom. A compact, powerful skater at six feet one.
The Complete Call: Hockey Stories From a Legend in Stripes]Jarome is the complete player that leads by example whether his team needs a goal, a big hit, or even a fight to ignite their competitive spirits.
Originally Posted by The Captains: Ranking the Greatest Leaders in Hockey History
#28 – That’s what defines Jarome Iginla: an all-around game, on and off the ice.


Underneath that smiling façade, however, is a ferocious competitor.
Originally Posted by The Hockey News: The Best of Everything in Hocke
2nd Most Respected
5th Best Power Forward
3rd Best Leader

Calgary Flames: Best Player Ever – He’s a leader who scores big goals, drops the gloves, runs the power play and does community work. What more can you ask for?
Originally Posted by The Hockey News Yearbook 2010-11
#41 - You know you’re going to get your best from him and if he isn’t scoring, he’s still showing leadership and playing a robust physical game.
Originally Posted by The Hockey News: The NHL’s Top 50
#26 - On the ice, he’s a smart, fierce competitor who had the fire to fight rookie Adam Henrique when the kid dared hit the veteran, but also the composure not to beat him into a pulp despite having the opportunity.


Easily Calgary’s best player ever.

Originally Posted by Steve Muir
His last name means "big tree" in his Nigerian father's native language, which seems fitting for a player who is still virtually impossible to move when he plants himself in the slot. The beauty of Iginla lies in his longevity. While others wear down over time, his dark passenger has kept him company throughout his 16-year career. He's relentless and punishing along the boards and a terror down low, but it's his continued willingness to make a statement that sets him apart. When the moment arises, he'll drop them, and he remains one of the most ferocious fighters in the game at 35.
Originally Posted by Rob Blake
He'll run you over. Or he'll fight somebody. And then he'll score a goal. He does pretty much everything you'd want a guy to do.
Originally Posted by Craig Conroy
You've got a power forward who does it all. I mean, he'll fight, and hit, and score goals. Maybe it's not the end-to-end rushes, but he does all those little things that win games and get things done.
Originally Posted by Rhett Warrener
All-around he is just a special guy from being an amazing hockey player, to the way he lives his life, to the way everyone respects him. It's his nature to win the battles, and do everything in his power to win.
Originally Posted by Trevor Linden
I think it was a very classy thing to do. I think Jarome is one of the most classy players in the league, not only that, he’s probably the best player in the league. When you have a captain like that, it was certainly a very classy move on their part, no doubt.
Originally Posted by Craig Button
He doesn't carry himself with any attitude or arrogance. He's confident in his abilities. He's self-assured. He's genuine. He's a better person than he is a player, and we all know what kind of player he is.
Originally Posted by Vincent Lecavalier
You could really see he was the leader of that team, just by the way he as playing and the way he was acting. That’s how he got his team to the final. When you play against him, you can see leadership just the way he plays. He’s really involved and he’s physical.
Originally Posted by Alex Edler
He’s fast, has a great shot, great release and he’s smart. Tough player to play against. I’ve definitely had problems with him over the years.
Originally Posted by Steve Yzerman
Leadership was a factor in our decision. He has always been a player to count on in the clutch.

Originally Posted by The Hockey News – Player Bio
ASSETS: Has deceptive speed, great strength and a lethal shot. Can overpower defenders physically or use finesse. Possesses the soft hands of a natural goal-scorer, but will also drop the gloves when necessary. He is the ultimate leader.

FLAWS: Is needed on the ice, so he's limited in the amount of physical toughness he can display, as well as the number of times he can drop the gloves. Has been known to start off slowly out of the gate in recent seasons.
Originally Posted by Forecaster
Has deceptive speed, great strength and a lethal shot. Can overpower defenders physically or use finesse. Possesses the soft hands of a natural goal-scorer, but will also drop the gloves when necessary.
Originally Posted by The Hockey News - December 30th, 2009
Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames: Tough, intense right winger can score and bang in the corners.
Originally Posted by The Hockey News – Draft Primer
Iginla is extremely strong on the puck and has solid offensive skills, but is responsible defensively too.

Scouting Reports:
Originally Posted by The Hockey Scouting Report - 1998
The Finesse Game
Iginla is an ideal second-line player who was forced to handle first-line responsibility with talent-starved Calgary; for most of the season he held up well under the circumstances. If he hadn't run into a second-half slump, he would have given Bryan Berard a better run for the Calder.

Iginla doesn't have great speed but he's smart and energetic. What puts Iginla ahead of other 19-year-olds is his defensive play, which he developed first in junior. The scoring touch came later, which is the reverse for most young players and is one of the reasons why he was able to step into the NHL with such success. He has a veteran's understanding of the game, though he may never be a great scorer and will have to work hard for his goals. Throw out Adam Graves' one 50-goal season and you are looking at Iginla's future.

Iginla does his best work in the corners and in front of the net. He is strong, and doesn't mind the trench warfare. In fact, he thrives on it.

The Physical Game
Iginla is gritty, powerful and aggressive. He will take a hit to make a play but, even better, he will initiate the hits. He has a mean streak and will have to control himself at the same time he is proving his mettle around the NHL; a fine line to walk.

The Intangibles
The key word to describe Iginla is character. He has played on winners in Kamloops and Team Canada. He was not a bit player in those titles, either. He will pay his share of dues with a rebuilding Calgary team, but he proved last year he was all he was advertised to be when the Flames acquired him from Dallas for Joe Nieuwendyk. Iginla's only flaw was learning how to concentrate on each game, but that will come with experience.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 1998
Rarely do 19-year-old NHL rookies blend in from their first shift. But that was the with Iginla who from the outset, was clearly the best first-year forward in the league. Page didn't hesitate to use him in any situation, as the former Kamloops star demonstrated the poise and commitment to defense of a veteran. His is a combination of speed, strength and grace similar to Flyer John Leclair, and has quickly gained respect for his talents along the boards and in the corners
Originally Posted by McKeen's - 1998
Assets: Character and grit. Already one of the best NHLers along the boards and in the corners, Iginla is extremely strong and will take the pounding in front of the net. Great defensively for a youngster. Soft-as-silk hands.

Flaws: A strong skater but not a speed merchant. Has finesse skills but is not overly gifted in that regard.
Originally Posted by The Hockey Scouting Report - 1999
The Finesse Game


... Iginla plays well in all three zones. He's a power forward who plays both ends of the rink, and there aren't many players with that description in the NHL.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 1999
Has the skills and physical game to be a high-scoring power-forward but needs a major confidence boost to get there.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2000
Blessed with tremendous physical tools, Iginla has developed into one of Calgary's more important players. Versatile enough to play any forward position, he's best suited to play the wing. Strong on the puck, Iginla has deceptive speed for a man of his size.
Originally Posted by McKeen's - 2000
Big skilled winger has the physical tools to dominate yet has been plagued by inconsistent work habits and confidence problems.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2001
Tough, strong-skating power-winger has the size, strength and puck skills to dominate the offensive zone, however to be effective he must play a physical, hard-working style on a nightly basis which he started to show last season.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2002
Iginla is a complete player with sweet hands, excellent skating ability and hard-hitting skills. He kills penalties, is versatile enough to play either wing and is great with the puck coming out of the corners.
Originally Posted by The Hockey Scouting Report - 2004
He is a savvy two-way forward...
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2004
Iggy combines strength, tenacity and great hands to pose a threat every time he is on the ice. The power forward plays an untraditional big mans game, since he usually carries the puck himself rather than wait for it in scoring position.
Originally Posted by McKeens - 2004
Iginla regained his explosiveness and was once again terrorizing opponents with his determination, soft hands and formidable finishing skills.
Originally Posted by McKeen's - 2006
.. a rugged, power-skating winger with soft hands and a big heart .. consistently uses his size, strength and ever-maturing finishing skills to torment and overwhelm the opposition.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2007
One of the game's most prominent power forwards, Iginla took a step back from NHL elite status last season. A big player with great strength, above-average wheels and a great shot, the Calgary captain can do it all. He can get into a little trouble in his own zone but is far from a defensive liability. Iginla is also willing to drop the gloves to protect a teammate.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2008
Iginla is unstoppable when he decides to crank it up a notch.


... he's usually at his best when the games matter most.
Originally Posted by Hockey Forecaster - 2009
The consummate team captain, Iginla is the straw that stirs the drink for the Flames... Physical, he loves to take the man and even drops the mitts if need be.
Originally Posted by McKeen's - 2009
.. outstanding skater - propelled by remarkable quickness and fluidity in strides .. gets to the net and positions his body intelligently for tips and rebounds.
Originally Posted by McKeen's - 2011
.. hindered last season by inferior linemates

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