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Originally Posted by XX View Post
My only concern is that Lebrun didn't tweet it, and hasn't gone on TSN or any English speaking media to repeat it. He does have something to lose, but if he is offering it up as "my sources say" then he is protected, somewhat. Normally this sort of news, if it reaches guys like Lebrun, gets repeated ad naseum. Everyone North of the border wants to see the Coyotes move. So any hint of them not meeting the deadline should be spreading like a virus through the media.

We aren't seeing that. All we have are a few articles by local media vs Lebrun's interview. GJ himself has said there will be an announcement this week. I don't think you can definitively call this either way. Home field has the advantage, though.

I'm not sure what is up with Roc and Manuch claiming they scored an interview with GJ after the announcement. Is that real? If not, those clowns need to face some consequences.
Well he said that less than 2 hours ago, and it did spread very quickly up here. I don't see how him not tweeting it means anything. He said it on TV... and he has very good sources. He's not the type of reporter that "protects himself" through this type of talk. He's very, very credible around the entire league and is well respected in all markets.

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