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01-29-2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
This is a leap of faith that people have taken based on AV conceding that he has given the room to the players. I don't know that it is accurate. I know they've made videos to show the players to get them amped up, for example. Rah rah speeches aren't the only way to motivate and eventually lose their effectiveness anyway.

This imo is and example of making judgements with a lack of information.
What other ways would you say he's used to motivate players? Benching them or calling them out in the media in order to send a message seem to be his go-to methods.

I can't claim inside knowledge like "He's lost the room" or "The players have tuned him out", but going by our captain's own admission - IIRC - he doesn't come in the room and really say anything and instead just leaves that up to the players. But to me the more important thing is that he can spark the team from the bench when it's needed, for instance when all the momentum is going against us or we're getting blown out. IMO he could stand to instill more 'fight' or 'pushback' in this team when things are going poorly, particularly in the playoffs, even if it's up to them to go out there and execute. This is all from what we've seen in the postseason. If these other supposed motivation methods we don't know are not helping, then either he's not doing it at all, or it's not effective. Neither of which are good signs.

In fact I might even go so far as to refer to a Slovakian web article from a few years ago that Tiranis brought up in the past, where Demitra spoke out against AV and how he actually "demoralized" the team...

Actually, I haven't heard of these videos though - what are these?

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