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01-29-2013, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Having watched a lot of Die Rise game play I'm VERY excited to play it. Looks much better than Green Run.

AN-94 on the wall (50/600 pack-a-punched)
PDW on the wall
Badass new wonderweapon
Beautiful map design
Actual challenging locations
Might actually be the first zombies map to ever scare me.
Overall this map just seems very awesome.

Tranzit on it's own seems like a disappointment, but just one DLC in and Black ops 2 zombies seems like an incredible package. Survival Green Run/Town/Farm/Bus Depot + Grief+Nuketown Zombies+Die Rise and I already have more awesome options than I know what to do with. February 28th (allegedly when Revolution is out for PS3) can't come soon enough.
Love Die Rise. It's crazy and frantic at first but you will get the hang of it.

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