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01-29-2013, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
First of all, this is a discussion board. Nobody here is actually making decisions. If you don't like discussing it, ignore the treads instead of coming in them and trolling Oil fans. Second, what you said doesn't address my post. I answered one of your fellow Pen fans question on why its Hemsky we deem expendable. We'll discuss the possibility of Hemsky being traded for grit (and not defensemen either) when we like, whether you like it or not. Third, just because you don't understand Hemsky's game and/or value doesn't mean your team's GM wouldn't have any interest in him, so no need to act like you have the inside scoops here.

You deem him as expendable because you want to add grit, but every name you have mentioned in a deal involving Pittsburgh doesn't add grit. You don't make sense. Despres and Niskanen add grit? Try watching a Penguin game.

I know Hemsky's game enough to know he isn't a fit. He is a risk. He has played 138 games out of the last 246. Not dependable at all. I don't care if he has played all five games. Markov hasn't missed a game in Montreal yet and that doesn't make him all the sudden a non injury risk. Pittsburgh has supposedly been rumored as the place, according to a numbnut on Hockeybuzz, that Hemsky was heading. Well, I don't see Hemsky in a Penguin uni and never have. They didn't bite.

It's kind of hard to ignore threads like this, especially when zany ideas come out of Edmonton fans. Maybe, Edmonton fans are trolls for their shear lunacy.

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