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06-29-2006, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
This does not seem like a terribly logical approach to me.

Every player has a 'straight contract' and if they're a bust then you're stuck with them.

Roenick has three major issues (baggage) that accompany him:

1) health concerns
2) lockerroom distraction
3) he's been on a steady decline for the past 4-5 years, and is now 36 years old

All three issues are major factors. One of those issues would be significant enough to think twice about signing him.

Guerin, on the other hand, is one year removed from a career (second-best) high in points, and hasn't shown any signs of a continual decrease in productivity (or play). While he's getting up there in age, $3.5 million for a player that will put up decent points, be a physical presence and is an established name in the league is not outlandish. It's a risk, but certainly not one with bad odds of reaping some reward.

Another note on Guerin: any time he's had an off-year he's tended to bounce back with a strong season the following year.
I would tend to agree with you if this were the "Old NHL", but the game is much faster now and, while Guerin was successful in the past, it doesn't seem like a coincidence his numbers dropped dramatically with the new rules in place. Guerin isn't known for his speed and finess. Besides, he doesn't address the Habs concerns, and they are to fill the need for a center and a defenseman. The Habs have an abundance of skilled wingers as it is who are much younger than Guerin. Gainey won't bite on Guerin.

I'm excited to see what Gainey pulls out of his magic hat this time. Jovanovski? Arnott?

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