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12-15-2003, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
"NHL stays my priority. I have some contacts with European teams; certain opportunities have appeared, but I am not in any hurry to return home. First of all, I have a valid contract with NHL, and second NHL is an ideal choice for me. I believe I can still make it there."

To me it sounds like he would like to stay with what will get him to the NHL first. I know it says that he has looked at some of the offers from european teams but I think he is planning on doing whatever it takes to get back to and stay in the NHL. Interesting find though, cheers mate.
I hear what your saying about him staying with the NHL opportunity but I don't see it happening soon in LA and it seems as though the clock is ticking in his mind...

Question--The World Championship dates are getting closer, the [National Team roster] nomination will start to clear up in 4 months. You will have to make your decision soon. Have you set your personal deadline necessary for the change?

Hnilicka--"Yes, around Christmas or the New Year. By that time, I need to be playing in a good league".

He is on a call-up right now, but I'd be surprised if he even PLAYS in a game, let alone regularly. He also indicated that he didn't think he would have a chance at the Worlds if he's playing in the AHL and that's likely where he's headed back to as soon as RC is good-to-go. So it could get interesting around the goalies in the next few weeks.

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