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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
+ Despres: Great game.. sadly. Sadly because nobody else decided they wanted to join him. He played great all game long.

+ Vitale: Because we lovehis heart. He plays like Talbot played in 08.

- Dan Bylsma: Look.. I blame the players for not showing up, but it's teh coaching that has to get the message and keep it in the locker room. You can't cut everyone for **** efforts. You can cut a coach for not being able to manage it. Dan Bylsma has lost the locker room as much as MT did in 08. And TRUST me.. this roster is damn good and worthy of a Cup. I said it in 08-09 and I was right. I'm saying it again. We need a change in the coaching dept.

And don't blame Shero. He's done nothing but everything he could. He makes great trades and busts his ass to get UFAs who do not come.

Trust me.. this team is good enough. They just have no desire. No heart. No passion. No anything. They went out and didn't even bother wanting to win. They just wanted to go out and get it handed over. The reason we won in 09 was because of the most unreal passion to get what was taken from them. They felt their hearts break losing the Cup and they went out every night to die to get it back when Bylsma took over. They bought in and went full 200%.

Goodbye - Bylsma. You are MT all over again. It's the players fault too, but lord knows we can't cut everyone.
C'mon my mother would go after Parise and Suter. Was that really the only plan this summer? If he can only go after the stars to make this a better team he better start up an HF profile.

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