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01-29-2013, 09:27 PM
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+Despres. Only player who bothered to show up tonight.

-Effort. ******* embarassing.

-Fleury. I know it wouldn't have mattered. But it's really getting old. I love the guy. I root for the guy so much. He can win a cup, he has proven that. But I have zero confidence in him and he looks like **** on goals that should be easy saves.

-Bylsma. Again, love the guy. Love for what he has done for this team. But it's not working anymore.

-Shero. Get off your *** and do something about this embarssment. We have THREE SKILLED forwards and NINE mother ******* grinders. ALL OF OUR GOALS come from the god damn same THREE players. We have all these wonderful defensive prospects, a 1st rounder. Do SOMETHING so Sid and Geno, you know YOUR BEST PLAYERS, have somebody to ******* pass to.

-Kunitz. Speaking of which, you SUCK. You're slow, you have no hands, no offensive creativity. When your contract is up, SEE YA. Overhyped third liner/2nd wheel getting to play with the best player in the world.

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