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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Didn't even read any comments; I'm calling it right now (bold prediction time):

+ Bylsma will not be coaching this team (nor his disciples) a month from now.

- Orpik and Kunitz will be traded soon after to send a message to the team. Shero is not going to fire two coaches whose players quit on them, and not "fire" some players too. Important players. This team needs a chemistry change. There is no leadership behind the bench or on it and I include Sid in that statement. The only player out there (and maybe it's actually a good thing) who seems pissed is Geno. At this point Orpik should be stripped of his A even if he's not traded.

+ Maybe if we're lucky a great winger will be the return or a great D.

This team absolutely sand-bagged that game. That was not "trying hard but no results". That was dog ****.

Geno and Neal had a few hard skating shifts each and that's it, Sid had none.
Despres was good all things considered; I noticed him right away making some good plays.

Everyone else on this team deserves to hang their heads for a week. That was the worst I've seen since Therrien's last days. ****ing atrocious.
That's exactly how it happened when Therrien was canned. Coach goes first, then comes the personnel moves.

And, I don't think Geno's pissed as much as he's just disgusted (actually, Brian Engblom used that word on the NBC telecast). He knows it's bull****. Sid knows it's bull****. Over the last 15 games, they've tried to play through it, tried to do more to compensate and in the process have done less. But, with the exception of a shift here or there, they're just going through the motions.

They're not going to tell Shero to fire Bylsma, but their actions speak as loudly as words right now.

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