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12-15-2003, 11:36 AM
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I feel his pain

I know Deader's pain, and I worry that he will not be able to ever return and be effective. I Played college football and after receiving my 3rd concussion in 1 1/2 years was forced to retire. For 6 months afterwards I was constantly exhausted, and battled intermitent dizziness. I still have occasionaly sympoms such as: difficulty remaining focused, losing my train of thought and forgetting certain things. My grades went from an easy 3.75 to a sub 3.0, that I worked my rear end off for. It bothers me that NHLers often times don't wear mouth pieces and many times have poor or improperly fitted helmets. Not that concussions are totally avoidable even with that. Freak accidents happen but I'd feel better if players would be more catious with their heads.
Even if/when deader can return I am somewhat skeptical that he will be able to be durable enough to avoid future concussions....with each concussion the symptoms can be different and sometimes the side effects will take longer to subside. Lindros and Troy Aikman are classic examples in each of their cases recovery took longer and their skills dropped a little each time.
I pray that Deader gets healthy so that he can live a normal life, in many cases injuries like his result in depression and though i'd love to see him out there on the ice again, I'd much rather have him be happy and enjoy life as best he can.

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