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01-29-2013, 09:33 PM
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Well.... as much as I enjoy being right in general, this was no fun.
A giant F for effort to most everyone on the team, and with no effort even the best of coaches would come to look incompetent.

However, that is no excuse as we have nothing working systems wise. Our breakouts are ridiculous, our forecheck ineffective, our forwards seemingly have no idea where their linemates are going at any given time and even when they do our passing is atrocious. Our PP is an unmitigated disaster and to some of us it was always obvious that it would be.
Short of two periods against the Rags and one against the Flyers, all of this has been true pretty much for all the 6 games so far, and if you don't play within a structure you are relying solely on individual ability. We have too few players with enough of that not to suffer.

Again, we are showing every indication of being a poorly coached team, and on top of that the effort shown, perhaps due to little to no accountability seemingly demanded from our established players, says that players are doing a great job of tuning out everything good Bylsma might be preaching.

If all the danger lights about Bylsma hadn't been flashing prior to the start of the season, I would say "patience patience". But they were.
I don't know if Bylsma is as limited a coach as our performances make it appears, but if players don't buy what he is selling it doesn't matter.

Don't know who we should get instead, but I hope he is canned. Who Shero puts in his place will be a bigger and more important acquisition than any trade or free agency signing he could otherwise make, but I would guess that others here are right in saying that the trade will likely come first anyway.

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